Small acts of rebellion:

  • Share your story, find support and spread awareness
  • Volunteer

More involved activism:

  • Write/call/contact your government representatives and legislators
    • Who to call: Your Representatives and your Senators. Find your legislator’s phone number by entering your address.

    • What to say: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m your constituent from [LOCATION]. I’m calling on behalf of all victims of rape and sexual assault. Victims of sexual assault deserve the same protection from perpetrators as other victims of crime. It’s time to pass a Sexual Assault Protection Order bill that protects victims of rape and sexual assault from perpetrators in the same way other victims of crime are protected. I ask that you make passing this bill one of your top priorities. Please let me know how you plan to vote. I can be reached at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

  • CourtWatch (King County, WA) – Monitors sexual assault and child abuse cases and holds the justice system responsible
  • File a formal complaint with the police department if you feel justice was not served
  • Protest in public, online and anywhere you can


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