This project was created by a recent survivor with the following things in mind:

  • Not all rape is violent.

  • Not all survivors are female

  • Non-female survivors are underrepresented.

  • The aftermath of abuse is often more traumatizing than the event itself:

    • It can be very difficult to find the support needed.

    • You will often feel alone, helpless, and confused about what to do.

    • The process of having the rape kit done is an added trauma.

    • The people you have to deal with, particularly the police, can be very insensitive and poorly trained in handling sexual abuse crimes.

    • While friends and family will try to help give support, often they do not know how.


  • Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you have been assaulted, particularly when the incident was somewhat consensual.

  • People need to be aware that sex is an evolving process. Initial consent does not equal consent during the entire sexual encounter.

  • Even if initial consent was given, sex while one person is passed out, asleep or otherwise incapacitated is rape.

  • Long-term aftercare is essential in the journey from victim to survivor.

  • Non-survivors such as advocates and activists need a place in this community too.

While there are many rape and sexual abuse survivor, prevention and awareness campaigns out there, this campaign strives to stand apart by welcoming, acknowledging, and including ALL survivors of all types of abuse. We believe that male, trans, and atypically gendered survivors are underrepresented in the rape survivor community. When they are represented, they tend to be separated into a different category than female survivors. I feel that this undermines non-female survivors and perpetuates the misconception that females are the majority of abuse survivors.

Silence Can Be Violence (SCBV) / Take the Power Back was created by a survivor for survivors, primarily as a community for all types of survivors of abuse to find support, information, resources and networking without being categorized by gender or the type of abuse suffered.

This project is my attempt to take something traumatizing and devastating and turn it into something positive. After being assaulted for the second time in my life just recently, I remembered that the aftermath of an assault is often even more difficult and traumatizing than the event itself.

You are not alone. You are no longer a victim. You only continue to be a victim of your own mind until you choose to be a survivor. Take the power back!


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